week thirteen

the semester winding down is always a weird time for me. i feel like i’ve been consistently worrying about deadlines and then there’s really just nothing. it’s been nice to be able to unwind, especially now that it is spring. i’ve been thinking a lot about more influences for vessels. i’ve been trying to remain conscious while i spend time outside and in my spaces indoors. what do i wish to contain? what do i wish to facilitate?


week twelve

finally home and getting back to the grind.

nceca was a super great experience this year. i felt like i got to do a lot of networking and connecting.

i had a really great critique with robert boryk about my current work. he suggested i look at inkebana and bonsai for more understanding of how plants interact with vessels. he also suggested i become more familiar with plants in general to have a solid intention when i go to design my forms. overall he was really supportive of my work and encouraged me to keep pushing these. i’m really excited about everything.

wrapping up the semester is going to fly by. i dont feel like i have a lot of time to push many ideas before summer but i can’t wait for studio time coming up. being home for the summer will be really good for me i think.

i didn’t make it to very many exhibitions at nceca, but i did enjoy all i got to see.

week eleven

time for nceca!!

this week i am mostly focused on gathering information on opportunities after school and thinking about my work in different contexts.

i really want to familiarize myself with penland and arrowmont. i really enjoy the location of these schools and i think that is one of the most important things for me to consider when choosing my next step after school. i know that i can easily get distracted with things and i want the chance to be in an environment where my work is the absolute priority and reason for me to be there.

i’m also very excited to see everyone from the bray and catch up. for right now it’s been great hanging with charlyn! minneapolis is a really neat town. here’s some of the stuff we have seen so far.

week ten

rest in pieces to my first space lab show

unearthing felt like such a big step for me and i am really excited to keep going with the vessel forms made in this show as well as push forward with new shapes and sizes. i plan to start looking more at root and cave systems (in the ground and in our mouth, trying to explore the connectedness we have with the earth/furthering the symbiosis we have with plants). my biggest obstacles are going to be space to build and understanding drying times, which i feel like i am getting better at feeling out with each form i make.

as far as the wall planters go, i am excited to continue to push those forms and textures as well as include some from clouds as well. i also want to come back to the idea i had last semester of making watering pots for indoor plants.

i think i need to find a way to make these vessels the most viable homes for plant life while still discussing the connections and issues that drive my work. i plan on working through a lot of the concept side to my work this summer. i am excited to finish out the semester thinking about form.

week nine

crit week! i’m super excited to have my critique and show. i feel really weird having my first solo show but also really excited. i think this will be a solid turning point for me and my work. install process has been interesting. i really enjoy making shelves and installing and making curating decisions. i am hoping that everything makes sense aesthetically and comes together nicely. there are things craftsmanship wise that i am aware of but i am interested to see what feedback i get.

week eight

this week has been a lot of thinking about my work and how i want to continue. i’ve been working with organic forms and slight abstractions of those for about two semesters now which feels like a good direction for me. i’m hoping for my critique that i get feedback on which way i should keep pushing or if i even need to choose. i feel like the pieces i have been working on can reach a point where they overlap, and currently that is what i intend to works towards. i want to push scale a lot and work with forms near my size.

week six

i feel a bit behind this week but i have a clear plan of what i need to be doing. for my space lab show i will be featuring a series of jars that will focus on things i struggle with processing/have anxiety around and how i get caught up in them/have the inability to talk about them. i have had a lot of changes in my life in the past few months and feel like making work about them will push myself emotionally and my work in a different direction. i havent focused on thrown work in a while, but i am excited to pick that back up.

on the side i have been working with larger forms that are pinched and coil built. these are still in progress and will likely be made for trees/plants. or maybe just vessels??

for both of these ideas i am doing cone 10 reduction firing, which has me excited because i have only done atmospheric since my first semester. i feel really good about my materials and concepts right now. raw clay with underglaze a transparent clay with underglaze i’m using this jug as a reference point for how large i want my jars in my show to be. i plan on them being about 3-5 inches taller and no more wide.