week six

i feel a bit behind this week but i have a clear plan of what i need to be doing. for my space lab show i will be featuring a series of jars that will focus on things i struggle with processing/have anxiety around and how i get caught up in them/have the inability to talk about them. i have had a lot of changes in my life in the past few months and feel like making work about them will push myself emotionally and my work in a different direction. i havent focused on thrown work in a while, but i am excited to pick that back up.

on the side i have been working with larger forms that are pinched and coil built. these are still in progress and will likely be made for trees/plants. or maybe just vessels??

for both of these ideas i am doing cone 10 reduction firing, which has me excited because i have only done atmospheric since my first semester. i feel really good about my materials and concepts right now. raw clay with underglaze a transparent clay with underglaze i’m using this jug as a reference point for how large i want my jars in my show to be. i plan on them being about 3-5 inches taller and no more wide.


week three

i didn’t feel very productive this week. i think having monday off threw me for a loop. i am also feeling really weird with the timing of my classes this semester. i dont havé to be on campus until noon every day and i feel like it is messing with my motivation.

regardless, the week is over and the new one has begun. i’m kind of ready to pause with the apologia project, so i think i am going to work on my throwing tomorrow. i havent in a while.

sadly, the drying gods humbled me and i have a huge crack in my most recent wall hanging. i am especially bummed because i had made the surface to look more cloud-like, but i will just make a new one.

a bisqued wall hangingtwo patterns that have been in the back of my mind. #noticewhatyounotice

week two

this week was super productive it felt like. i started new forms with my mountain texture that i am very into, i am experimenting with boxes, and i am gathering materials to work in other mediums outside of ceramics for my own enjoyment. i spent a lot of time in the studio this week and it feels really nice to be back in the routine of doing that. i am also working on an embroidery project at home that i hope will coincide with my work well.

here’s to making !

week one

this week i finished a large pot for a tree in my room which has been interesting to care for. i havé been very cautious with drying times and moving it around. this is the largest thing i havé made so i am eager to fire it. i am using a stoneware made for atmospheric firing and will be putting it in a soda firing.

for my apologia project, i have started to make wall hangings with my mountain forms. they can be used to hold air plants and regular smaller plants. i’m super excited to fire these and get them hanging. i’ve been wanting to make them for a while and think they will end up looking really nicely. for these, i am using a-clay which is a really nice grey in a reduction firing. i am excited to see how the glaze i’m using will fit through the crevices of the form.

along with this semester’s projects, i plan to start making a series based off of canonic jars. i want to do surface decoration with underglaze on these forms.

in printmaking, i just did my first relief prints of my collagraph plate. the plate is composed entirely of my hair that i have cut. seeing how this turned out has me very interested in printing on my forms. perhaps that is something that will appear in the near future…..

me w my in progress wall hanging print 1/2 print 2/2

week fifteen

unloading the wood kiln this week was so sick. i was super happy with everything that came out. this year i was more aware of my clay body and glazes, making sure they were best in atmospheric firings. it definitely showed up in the pieces. i achieved a lot more flashing and a variety of colors that i enjoy. i got a lot of blues, greens, and purples which are my favorites. i only lost one bowl, which hurt but it just has me motivated to put more work in next semester. i am also exploring plans to build a wood kiln after i graduate. i most certainly feel more comfortable in atmospheric firing and i am motivated to push my forms for that.

week fourteen

this week was pretty productive for a having days off. i spent a decent amount of time in the studio working through different ideas i have had tossed around in my head. i’ve started making new pinch plates and vessels. i like form of a plate because it can be used in a variety of ways in the home. i’ve also been making vases from pinched forms that are a bit wonky. when i make these, i am thinking of the precarious forms found in nature- from rocks resting on top of each other to the shapes that bark makes when it breaks off a tree. i think i am going to push through with these ideas over break and maybe have them carry over into next semester. i want to make an intentional list of objects i want to create and refine. i feel slightly scattered right now, but very motivated to work through that.