week ten (spring 18)

nceca!!!!!! i’m so happy i got to attend nceca this year. i met a lot of great connections and gained a lot of insight. i left the conference feeling closer to my friends and more confident and inspired in my medium. i lové that ceramics is an art of innovation. there were so many talks that i listened to that focused on doing things that one thought couldn’t be done. i listened to two artists discuss their trials and successes with a makeshift soda kiln made from old electric kiln parts. i also heard a professor discuss alterations in glaze recipes to make cone 10 reduction glazes suitable for cone 6 oxidation while obtaining similar results. it was a very educational week.

one of my favorite things about nceca is the opportunity to travel across the country every year to a new location with new experiences. the mattress factory was one of my favorite parts of pittsburgh. it was quirky and bizarre and sparked a lot of interest for me. i loved the variety of work as well as the varying concept behind the three buildings.


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